Thursday, July 31, 2008

Wednesday July 30, 2008: We live in fear everyday in Chicago

Hello Mr. Hanania

We live in fear every day.

I live at [near 63rd and Western Avenue in Chicago] and every day we have gang fighting. Sunday, July 27, 2008 we had gang fighting. Monday, July 28, we had gang fighting. Tuesday, July 29, we had gang fighting and a pregnant woman sitting on her porch was hit with a bat.

I would like the world to know i live in a war zone

I am a seventy year old woman and I lived in this neighborhood for 18 years but I never though I would live to see this violent happening in Chicago. We live in fear every day. Kids can not play out side. Seniors can not go to the store. They shoot windows out and kick your door down and come in. Every day there are gangs fighting and shooting.

I love Chicago and I hate to see my city go down the tube, but it seems that no one care . Some of my neighbor's have walked a way from their homes because they do not want to be killed. and i was thinking is my house worth dying for.

Taxpayers should not have to live like this. The Mayor and his family don't live this way. Why should we?

Please help us.

thank you