Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Police Supt. Jody Weis sets bad example for city

Today is Tuesday March 17, 2009
Time 5:17

I thought Jodie Weis would be a better police superintendent. How can the mayor and the superintend of police try to protect police officers that break the law. How can we the people give these politicians power and trust, when the superintendent of police is helping the criminals. I think they forget who pays them. When we find the Superintend of Police would rather go to jail than turn in police officers that have been breaking the law. It let me know he is not the right person for that job It shows you what the people in power are about. All the things that the city wants, the city gets. When the people in the city wants, there is never enough money.This is not the city's money. It's ours. And we are not forcing the city to do what the people want. We go along with what is happening in Chicago.

Summer is right around the corner and summer brings crime.

Mayor Daley if you want the Olympics to come to Chicago you need to stop complaining about the crime in the City and start doing something about it. Stop protecting your police officers when they break the law. It doesn't make you look good.

When are we going to learn that if Chicago is not working, we need to stop putting the same people back in office.

Thank You

Monday, March 9, 2009

Businesses in trouble today were the cause of their problems yesterday

Today is Monday 9, 2009 Time 7: 13

For the last ten years prices have been going up. Gas prices went sky high. Then real estate went up. All the propriety owner were very happy that their houses were worth so much money. But to me it seems unreal that things were happening so fast.

These companies knew what they were doing. They manipulated the American people and drove the prices up to fill their pockets.

They said the c.e.o's of these companies were not being watched. Well I want to know why? The people that are supposed to watch out for the American people are looking the other way.

Most Americans want a change. The President said he wants to make a change and we the American people need to believe that a change is coming. We need hope. But has our world become so corrupted that we won't let there be change? I don't know the answer to that question.

Let me know if you think their will be positive change or not? Remember this is about out Children future

Thank You