Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Hope for the New year

Today is Tuesday December 30,2008 Time 5:45

There is a story I would like to share for the new year 2009. Hopefully this will give you hope about mankind. We went to visit my Aunt for Christmas, and she said she had lived in her apartment for 20 years and her rent was never raised so she raised the rent. She went and told her landlord she was going to pay him more money because he had never raised their rent. Tell me! Who does things like that? Well she did and I love her for it.

In 2009 make sure you find people that love and respect you like you do them no matter what your circumstances are, know that it will get better if you keep trying . Bad things happen two all of us and if we live though it, We become stronger. Being close to your family is so important. Even though close family has problems just like every one else. They pull together and make it though the tough times.

Thank You

Saturday, December 20, 2008

People afraid to spend money because of job losses

Today is Saturday December 20, 2008 Time 4:26

People are afraid to spend money, because they have lost their jobs, lost money in the market or they just don't have any money. But their is a solution, if the government wants the American people to spend money, give the billions of dollars to the American people they are the ones that need a bail out. If they had money, some of them could save their homes, buy food, or buy a cars. And if they spend money, the economy would spring back. But we can't spend what we don't have.

The government tells us so many things and we don't believe them any more. The American people did not cause this to happen but again we are the ones paying the price . When these companies get bailed out they will still layoff people. They have money. They did not lose their homes. They have food. Their children still go to Private schools.

Government show some compassion to the American people.We need a bail out. Give us some big money and we will spend it. Then maybe we can start trusting again.

Thank You

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Politicians gone mad with power

Today is Wednesday December 10 2008 Time 11:59

Politicians are mad with power.

It's time for a change and I think the young generation is ready. To take their place in a new society. If you have not being paying attention to what the vote can do. This is the change we have been waiting for. Get rid of the corruption. Evey thing that happen that concern the American people should be voted on. Like if we want a thousand dollar Ice sculpture that malts in to days. These are pretty things but ,what good is that if you don't have food? Shouldn't that money be put in the school system? All these expensive things the city buys that we have no say so over. We need health care, jobs, good schools and a safe place to live.

The first thing to do is to get rid of the corruption in Government and send them to jail.Then the massage will be "you do wrong you go to jail". We can not have our senators bagging to let criminals out of jail early. Dick Durbin shame, on you. The message you are sending you think you and you friends are better than The American people. "We pay you don't we?" We're tired of that kind of government. When you do the best for the American people you are doing the best for yourself .

We have the power to have it our way. I hope you know that.

Thank You

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Stop the hating ... we need love

Today is Tuesday December 9,2008 Time 5:00

First I would like to wish every one a Happy Holiday and please have a safe and and Blessed New Year.

People stop hating.

How can people go to church and pray and come home and hate? When you hate others for no reason, you don't like who you are. You hate because some one has a better job than you, because some one has a bigger house than yours, because some kid is smarter than your kids. Hating takes lots of energy. What do you gain from hating? Unhappiness, and loneliness. when you look in the mirror, what do you see? A hater looking back at you.

Haters hurt everyone. Their always putting other people down because they think their better than everyone else. While they are hating they don't get to smell the roses. their is no beauty in the world for them. Love and kindness doesn't mean anything to them.

I'm glad I love Roses.

My husband and I are still in love and I am very happy

Thank You