Friday, May 8, 2009

Remembering our mothers on Mother's Day

Today is Friday May 8 , 2009
Time 4:10

I would like to wish the Mother's all over the world a Happy Mother's Day.

Mother's and Grandmother's are a tireless breed. They suffer and sacrifice for their kids. All parents want their children to be healthy and happy and to have the best changes in like they can give them.

Parents please. Make your young men pull up their pants. Put restriction on your kids.

I still see young kids out in the street without adult supervision. Parents in order to keep your kids safe, you mush know were they are and what they are doing. You know what would make my Mother's Day happier, is to not see more of our children getting killed.

Thank You

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Helping fight neighborhood crime

Today is Tuesday April 21,2009 Time6:42

On December 24, 2006 My friends brother, Timothy E Hart and three friends were walking down 3100 block of 63th when two unknown offender approached them, and grabbed his girlfriends purse.

Timothy struggled with the two offender and one of them shot him and his girl friend. Timothy, my friends baby brother was killed. her family was crushed. My friends name is Stacy Hart and if you have any information you can call her at 708-990-4845

Their were two offenders African American 5"9 to 5" 10 about 180lbs and the other offender was 6' ft, about 200 lbs wearing a do rag. If you think you know who is responsible for this Hannis crime please call this number 312-747-8380 or 708-990-4845.

If you see any crime or gangs or young people hanging around on the corner call 312-747-8380 They don't need your name. Please call We are trying to keep our children's from getting killed.

Curfew will be strictly in forced.

If your kids are caught out side after curfew, you will be fined.If you see a crime don't attempt to apprehend Call 312-747-8380. it's important that we all get envoled.

Thank You

Monday, April 20, 2009

Public officers abuse public's rights

Today is Monday April 20, 2009 Time 6:56

We need to be very careful, when we the people but a public servant in office and he starts doing things we know is not right Like torching prisoners, tapping American phones,and telling lies to get a war started doest,t history tell us anything?

Why did it take so long to voted Bush out of office. We new all the things he was doing wrong and we let him do it. Tell me what good can out of it.

Bush was responsible for looking out after the store. But he was looking out after himself and now he can fade into the sunset, with a big pension.

Tax payer have a rights to protest when you have a President or Mayor that will not take care of the people that but them in office People are really upset about all the pot holds in Chicago in the City and the way the Mayor uses our money,to do what he wants.

The corruption in Chicago has got to stop and has we look back in history we know we can make a change

Thank You

Friday, April 3, 2009

Why Olympics when the people suffer?

Today is Thursday 2, 2009 Time 10:53

I was so glade to hear that the police department union are protesting budget cuts and no one is happy with superintend Jody Weis. The Mayor stands by superintendent Weis because he is doing what the mayor wants him to do, nothing. The Mayor has to get as much money as he can for the Olympics. And the people of Chicago suffer. That is why he went to china to see how they do things. With the cameras, and meter its always about money. He does what ever he can to sell the people out. More and more people are unhappy with this corrupt city.

It makes me sick to thing what the summer might bring.

The summer of 2008 was the worst of my life. Shooting in the streets, scare all the time,is that's the ways life is going to be from now on,

The government said they want to protect us from outside terrorist. But who protects us from the terrorist that live next door.

Bush was a bad President and Mayor Daley is a bad Mayor.But remenber we put these people in office.
Bush is out. Now it's time to get rid of Daley.

Get mad and vote him out of office.

Thank You

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Police Supt. Jody Weis sets bad example for city

Today is Tuesday March 17, 2009
Time 5:17

I thought Jodie Weis would be a better police superintendent. How can the mayor and the superintend of police try to protect police officers that break the law. How can we the people give these politicians power and trust, when the superintendent of police is helping the criminals. I think they forget who pays them. When we find the Superintend of Police would rather go to jail than turn in police officers that have been breaking the law. It let me know he is not the right person for that job It shows you what the people in power are about. All the things that the city wants, the city gets. When the people in the city wants, there is never enough money.This is not the city's money. It's ours. And we are not forcing the city to do what the people want. We go along with what is happening in Chicago.

Summer is right around the corner and summer brings crime.

Mayor Daley if you want the Olympics to come to Chicago you need to stop complaining about the crime in the City and start doing something about it. Stop protecting your police officers when they break the law. It doesn't make you look good.

When are we going to learn that if Chicago is not working, we need to stop putting the same people back in office.

Thank You

Monday, March 9, 2009

Businesses in trouble today were the cause of their problems yesterday

Today is Monday 9, 2009 Time 7: 13

For the last ten years prices have been going up. Gas prices went sky high. Then real estate went up. All the propriety owner were very happy that their houses were worth so much money. But to me it seems unreal that things were happening so fast.

These companies knew what they were doing. They manipulated the American people and drove the prices up to fill their pockets.

They said the c.e.o's of these companies were not being watched. Well I want to know why? The people that are supposed to watch out for the American people are looking the other way.

Most Americans want a change. The President said he wants to make a change and we the American people need to believe that a change is coming. We need hope. But has our world become so corrupted that we won't let there be change? I don't know the answer to that question.

Let me know if you think their will be positive change or not? Remember this is about out Children future

Thank You

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Calls for Burris to resign grow

Today is Tuesday February 17, 2009 Time 10:29

Senator Burris we the people of Illinois are very disappointed with you .We thought you were a stand up guy. The Senate job can not be that important that you should lie to get it. Now you look stupid . You said there was nothing to tell the senate committee. Now you come up with, Oh! I did not tell you I was approached by several of Blagojevich people .

Because, you knew the Senate committee wanted to know if you were approached and you held this information from the senate . You should be ashamed! It seems that politicians lie all the time to get what they want. Senator Burris people are watching, and we can't have a good relationship with you. It's seems you and Blagojevich are sleeping in the same bed.
Senator Burris we tried to give you the benefit of doubt. Now we know you are just another deceptive Politician.

Please resign.

Thank You

Sunday, February 15, 2009

What we say says more about ourselves

Today is Sunday 15, February, 2009 Time10:00

I was surprised to hear that Etta James would make a statement like that about Beyonce.
That's what's wrong with the world. People, you say these, hurtful things about people but you know who it hurts the most? It hurts you. Because we the public use to look up to you
until we find out you let your jealousy hurt other people.

Etta James, Jesse Jackson, Athena Franklin you had your turn in the spot light.
Now people all over the world know that you are jealous. That's not good. The one thing I hate the most is African Americans putting each other down. Wake up people. You are here to contribute what you can and leave the rest to the next generation. It's to bad you don't realize that the only one you have hurt is yourself. I found out that happy people live longer. they love people and people love them and that's what I want my life to be about

I do thank Athena Franklin Jesse Jackson and Etta james for their great contribution. too bad they can't do the same.

Thank YouCarmen

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Dear Mr. President ...

Today is Thursday 29 , 2009 Time 3:27

Mr. President:

I heard the President say on television that if any one had an answer to the economic problem he would like to hear it. So here it is.

When the government gives money to these Companies they need to say in your Reconstruction you can not lay off any of your workers. Because the problem is, as soon as these companies get the money they start laying people off. .

We can't get loans or credit without having perfect credit. So how is this helping in the bail out for the American people.

If it takes the American people to spend money to bring the economy back, give us the money and we will start the money to flowing .

By Giving the American People the money, you will bail the American people out and put money back into the economy. This way every one wins and the people will spend the money . Do You know how I know. Because we need food, we need to pay the rent, we need to fix the car and we need money to look for a job. We need some hope.Something to keep us holding on.

A man killed his wife, kids and his self because he and his wife loss there job.
this is deep!

The Public should have a voice in this decision,

I would like to know what you think.

Thank You

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

A new senator and a new president

Today is Tuesday January 29,2009 Time 7:20

I was happy to see Roland Burris stand up for his rights.

He said you can't find any dirt on me. And that he took the senate seat in good faith. If you find he is part of some kind of corruption, now is the time to do something and if not. Let the senator from Illinois along. We can not let the government make new rules when ever they want to. Now Senator Burris is in office, let him do his job. We have bigger problems to deal with.

I was ver proud today we have a new President. I wish the very best. to the President and his family.

Now we have a new Prisdent in office We the American people are waiting for our bail out. We are waiting for the stimulus package and we hope it comes soon.

Thank You

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Miracles do happen ... no gun fire this new year's eve

Today is Friday January 9,2009 Time 6:34

New Years Eve 2008-2009, we always sit on the floor as soon as the shooting starts. We were waiting for the first shot but it never happened. We did not hear any shooting. I was so shocked. I could not believe it. Does this mean things are changing. I was told that last year they arrested lots of people for New Year Eve shooting. So if the City want to stop crime in Chicago they can. It does not look good that the mayor of a big City like Chicago would not want to clean up
his city. So the people that come to the Olympics can feel safe. I am hoping this summer will bring about some positive changes. Our President would be settled in office. Hopefully this will be the new beginning we all have been looking for. We need to be patent and give our President time.

I find out that miracle happen every day. Some people don't believe that but it's not enough to look. You must see.

Thank You

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Innocent until proven guilty

Today is Tuesday January 6, 2009 Time 4:53

I can not see why they want to impeach or take away Blagojevich's power without charging him with a crime.They could have had a special election for the Senate seat. I don't want favors for any politicians, But impeachment without charges seams like putting the cart before the horse.If he is proven guilty of something send him to jail. I love to see criminal go to jail.

It seams every one is trying to get Blagojevich out of office before he goes to trial. I know there much be something else behind this move .

The governor has the right to pick Roland Burris and I don't think Mr. Burris would have taken that appointment if there was any impropriety on his part.

If he did nothing wrong why shouldn't he take the appointment? And he is qualified. I will be glade to see Blagojevich charged so all this mess can come out in court. In Chicago there is one scandal after another because most politician are crooks. That's sad.

I'm sure this trial will be interesting.

Thank You