Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Calls for Burris to resign grow

Today is Tuesday February 17, 2009 Time 10:29

Senator Burris we the people of Illinois are very disappointed with you .We thought you were a stand up guy. The Senate job can not be that important that you should lie to get it. Now you look stupid . You said there was nothing to tell the senate committee. Now you come up with, Oh! I did not tell you I was approached by several of Blagojevich people .

Because, you knew the Senate committee wanted to know if you were approached and you held this information from the senate . You should be ashamed! It seems that politicians lie all the time to get what they want. Senator Burris people are watching, and we can't have a good relationship with you. It's seems you and Blagojevich are sleeping in the same bed.
Senator Burris we tried to give you the benefit of doubt. Now we know you are just another deceptive Politician.

Please resign.

Thank You

Sunday, February 15, 2009

What we say says more about ourselves

Today is Sunday 15, February, 2009 Time10:00

I was surprised to hear that Etta James would make a statement like that about Beyonce.
That's what's wrong with the world. People, you say these, hurtful things about people but you know who it hurts the most? It hurts you. Because we the public use to look up to you
until we find out you let your jealousy hurt other people.

Etta James, Jesse Jackson, Athena Franklin you had your turn in the spot light.
Now people all over the world know that you are jealous. That's not good. The one thing I hate the most is African Americans putting each other down. Wake up people. You are here to contribute what you can and leave the rest to the next generation. It's to bad you don't realize that the only one you have hurt is yourself. I found out that happy people live longer. they love people and people love them and that's what I want my life to be about

I do thank Athena Franklin Jesse Jackson and Etta james for their great contribution. too bad they can't do the same.

Thank YouCarmen