Thursday, October 30, 2008

Daley worries about Olympics, not enough about street gangs, Thurs 10-30-08

Today is Thursday October 30, 2008
Time 12:58 am

The Mayor is so worried about the Olympics coming to Chicago. What about all the violence. People all over the world know about Chicago's crime rate. Who wants to come here. If I did not live here, I wouldn't want to come. It's like the days of Al Capone and his gang, killings every day. It's embarrassing to me that my friends and family won't come to Chicago. Mayor, it should be embarrassing to you to know people think Chicago is the crime Capital of the world, and you are the head of this City, and you let things get out of hand .Mayor Daley you have made Chicago a beautiful City but with all the crime and corruption the people of Chicago can't enjoy it. Being the Mayor is a very hard job but this is your City and I just don't want to get shot down going to the store.

You can make the difference!

Thank You

Monday, October 27, 2008

Questions abotu Sarah Palin, 10-28-08

Today is tuesday October 28, 2008 Time 8:05

Governor Palin, I used to think you were a nice person, but the ways you run your campaign shows that you are not. You have been slinging mud from the very beginning and now your dirty laundry is being shown. You are saying they keep telling lies on me. Well right or wrong now you know how it feels. You started the mud slinging so deal with it.

If you were the right person ruining to be the vice President, you would be talking about health care, the economy and what we can do to get out of thismess. But all you do is sling mud at Senator Obama. The American people don't want to hear that. We are intelligent enough to judge for our selves.

What it shows is the kind of person you are and I would not want you to be my Vice President or my President.

Governor Palin, you get what you give!

Thank You

Tragedy for Jennifer Hudson's family, Mon 10-27-08

Today is Monday October 27, 2008 Time 7:27

To the family of Jennifer Hudson, We are deeply sorry for the loss of your Mother, brother, and nephew. It hurts my heart to think someone could be so uncaring about human life. The killers that did this horrible crime. The death penalty is waiting . I hate to hear of the violence that plagues our City. In Chicago there has been over 4 hundred deaths in less than a year. Has this become a way of life? When will it stop?

Please stoping the killing.

Thank You

Friday, October 24, 2008

Managing money Fri Oct 24, 2008

Today is Friday October 24, 2008 Time 1:09

Do you think money would change you?

I ask this question because I feel most people would say no. Money would not change them. But that's not really true. Because money controls.

If You lived in public housing and you won four million dollars on the lottery, What would you do? Maybe buy a new house, new clothes, new car put your kids in the best schools. Well what about your old neighborhood and your old friends? They did not win the lottery. So they can not do the things you can. Like go on trips, hang with movie stars, or all ways have money.

So now I ask you the question again would money change you? Do you know that about 2% of all the rich people have 80% of all the money more or less.And they live real good. They have no idea how you live. We know that all the athletes get paid big bucks. Because we pay the money to go see them. All the movie stars get big bucks because we pay money to go to the movies.The point I was tring to make is the reason we do not have any money is because we give our money to the rich people.The other rich People just take our money.

You know who I am talking about.

Thank You

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Teen parents, Wed Oct 22, 2008

Today is Wednesday October 22, 2008 Time 1:30am

Parents of teens that are out of control. The discipline starts at home as soon as a child starts to walk and talk. You start letting them know spitting on people, kicking people, not coming when you call them, saying inappropriate words is unacceptable. Some time parents do not see, some of the things their little one does may not be so cute.

You need to gain respect as soon as possible and let your child know when you tell them to do something you mean it. As soon as possible set rules. Let your child know when they disobey there are consequences.

This will not hurt your child. But help them to be a better adult, some one you can be proud of.

Most importantly make your child stay in school. Because school is one of the keys to success.

Motivate your child by finding out what they are good at or things they really like to do. Like math or sewing, maybe they like to fix things. Then push them in that direction.

All of us have natural abilities. Ambitious children are children that enjoy what they are doing.Letting them know they can be any thing they want, even the president and you will always be behind them.

Teen parents.

Sometimes you become a parent before you are ready and you know in your heart you can not handle this responsible. You have options. You can always give your child up for adoption.Give your child a good home with a loving family.

There are plenty of loving people waiting for a baby.

Thank You

Saturday, October 18, 2008

City starts new gang task force to stop crime in Chicago

Today is Friday October 17, 2008 Time4:24

City has started a new gang task force to stop some of the crime in Chicago.

They had a task force once before but it was dispersed because the task force became the criminals. This time I hope they learn from the past and monitor the task force better. Because as much as I want the City to crack down on crime, we don't need any more criminals with guns and badges. If they get caught doing something wrong don't protect them, send them to jail.

We seem to think we can not do any thing about what is going on in our City. We need to start caring more about the things that happen in our city Like police brutality, mismanagement in office,or unsafe communitieswe should protest. and protest some more. It's our money and the politician should do what we want them to. Not fly all over the country, having parties or pick up prostitutes with tax payers money.

We need to stop the madness!

Thank You

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

War draining our economy, harming neighborhoods and those in need

Today is Monday October 13, 2008, Time 10:38

The more I hear about the things our leaders are doing, the more I believe the melt down we are having may not be able to be repaired. There has been so much mismanagement of the tax payers money. The war is draining the economy, and we the tax payers have nothing to say about it. We live from pay check to pay check. What has happening to the American dream.

Our leaders get on T.V to tell us every thing will be alright. Well we don't believe anything they say any more. We have watched the way they handled Katrina, we have watched the way they handled the war, we have watched the way they handled gas prices, we have watched the way they handled the economy, and now we are having a structural break down.

Do they really think the people don't know about the lies, greed, and manipulation that goes on in government? Everyone I talk to knows. I used to think they worked for us.

But I guess not. It seems we work for them!

Thank You

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Why I live where I do, Tues Oct 7, 2008

Today is Tuesday October 7, 2008 Time6:46

Why I live in a war zone

Not because I am lazy and don't want anything, I have grass in front of my house, flowers in my back yard. I go out and clean the street, try to make improvements on my house but in my neighborhood the gangs destroy our property.they Break in our homes, garages and cars. I feel like a bug being exterminated.

Criminals know that in certain communities they can get away with this behavior. You can call the police all day and night and nothing will change until the city honesty tries to make a better. Police are afraid to come into our community because they may get killed. Not only are the people not being protected, but our Police are not being protected.

Instead of our leaders addressing the problems plaguing this city they choose to shift the problems from community to community. Then after the violence, destruction and loss of life, they shift the problem some place else.

Why not fix the problems through better education, and programs. We know that children having children is not a good thing, because it continues the cycle. We also know that education can change some of these problems and provide good jobs so people can support their families and live descent . If I know this why don't our leaders know this.

Half of our people are deprived, while the other half flourishes. This mentality has to stop. Because these are the people that get up and go to work every day. When the people are being deprived of good education, health care, decent jobs, and safe neighborhoods we all pay the price. can't you see that?

We also know gas prices, food prices, and taxes are up. The people that are deprived are struggling just to live. We need to make a change now!

Please leave a commit, let me know how you feel?

Thank You

Monday, October 6, 2008

When a young person says they are sorry, Mon Oct. 6, 2008

Today is Monday October 6, 2008 Time 4:01

A Ray Of Sunshine

I wanted to tell you this story because it gives me hope for the future. My husband and I were having breakfast at a restaurant. My husband went to pay the bill. I was standing at the door and a young man came in with a friend.

He said an inappropriate word and looked up and saw me. He said excuse me miss I did not mean to say that word in front of you. I was very surprised to hear him apologize for saying that word. I thanked him and said this is my ray of Sunshine. To know his parents raised him to respect older people.

I would like to thank him and is parents because this young man made my day.

When I was growing up children would never say words like that in front of adults. Now you hear it all the time. Teaching your children to give respect to others starts at home.

Thank You

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Learning lessons about public misconduct Tues Sept. 30, 2008

Today is Tuesday , September 30, 2008 Time 9: 26

If you want to hear important news about the economy, how global warning is affecting us, Child predators and corrupted official, go to Mr. Hanania,column in the South West-News Herald. I love his column, it's very informative.

If you find that an official has committed a crime and that person goes to jail, please don't vote them back into office. The message you are sending is next time don't get caught.

If a person lies to congress about the reason for going to war and nothing happens,
and another person lies to congress about committing adultery and they want to impeach them,

What is wrong with this picture.

I would like to know? how many of you agree or disagree with the 700 Billion dollar bail out of these big companies with the tax payers money? I just do not understand why the tax payers should pay. Some of us are trying to live.

While the government throws our money away funding a war and bailing out rich people. We are left holding the bag. The C.E.O's new about this long before the public, they have their money
I don't need any one spending my money. I can do bad by myself.

I Know you have an opinion!. Please Let me hear from you?

Thank You