Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Helping fight neighborhood crime

Today is Tuesday April 21,2009 Time6:42

On December 24, 2006 My friends brother, Timothy E Hart and three friends were walking down 3100 block of 63th when two unknown offender approached them, and grabbed his girlfriends purse.

Timothy struggled with the two offender and one of them shot him and his girl friend. Timothy, my friends baby brother was killed. her family was crushed. My friends name is Stacy Hart and if you have any information you can call her at 708-990-4845

Their were two offenders African American 5"9 to 5" 10 about 180lbs and the other offender was 6' ft, about 200 lbs wearing a do rag. If you think you know who is responsible for this Hannis crime please call this number 312-747-8380 or 708-990-4845.

If you see any crime or gangs or young people hanging around on the corner call 312-747-8380 They don't need your name. Please call We are trying to keep our children's from getting killed.

Curfew will be strictly in forced.

If your kids are caught out side after curfew, you will be fined.If you see a crime don't attempt to apprehend Call 312-747-8380. it's important that we all get envoled.

Thank You

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