Friday, April 3, 2009

Why Olympics when the people suffer?

Today is Thursday 2, 2009 Time 10:53

I was so glade to hear that the police department union are protesting budget cuts and no one is happy with superintend Jody Weis. The Mayor stands by superintendent Weis because he is doing what the mayor wants him to do, nothing. The Mayor has to get as much money as he can for the Olympics. And the people of Chicago suffer. That is why he went to china to see how they do things. With the cameras, and meter its always about money. He does what ever he can to sell the people out. More and more people are unhappy with this corrupt city.

It makes me sick to thing what the summer might bring.

The summer of 2008 was the worst of my life. Shooting in the streets, scare all the time,is that's the ways life is going to be from now on,

The government said they want to protect us from outside terrorist. But who protects us from the terrorist that live next door.

Bush was a bad President and Mayor Daley is a bad Mayor.But remenber we put these people in office.
Bush is out. Now it's time to get rid of Daley.

Get mad and vote him out of office.

Thank You

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