Monday, April 20, 2009

Public officers abuse public's rights

Today is Monday April 20, 2009 Time 6:56

We need to be very careful, when we the people but a public servant in office and he starts doing things we know is not right Like torching prisoners, tapping American phones,and telling lies to get a war started doest,t history tell us anything?

Why did it take so long to voted Bush out of office. We new all the things he was doing wrong and we let him do it. Tell me what good can out of it.

Bush was responsible for looking out after the store. But he was looking out after himself and now he can fade into the sunset, with a big pension.

Tax payer have a rights to protest when you have a President or Mayor that will not take care of the people that but them in office People are really upset about all the pot holds in Chicago in the City and the way the Mayor uses our money,to do what he wants.

The corruption in Chicago has got to stop and has we look back in history we know we can make a change

Thank You

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